Cooling Tower Sizing Tool
and Wet Bulb Calculator

Wet Bulb By Location

This tool is intended to help users select an appropriate design wet bulb for a specific location. To use this tool, users should select a state from the drop down menu. After selecting a state, a list of cities will appear. Choose the nearest city to see recommended design wet bulb values.

Design Wet Bulb
Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec

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  • Tower Sizing Tool: This tool is intended to aid users in selecting the proper cooling tower model and/or proper number of cooling towers based on the specific thermal, hydraulic, and climate conditions
  • Wet Bulb Calculator: Don't know your design wet bulb temperature? No problem, we have you covered.
  • Wet Bulb by Location: This tool is intended to help users select an appropriate design wet bulb for a specific location.

Case Studies: Real Stories of Aggreko Cooling Towers

Aggreko Cooling Tower Services Keeps Power Plant's Discharge Temps in Check. At a major power plant’s generation facility in Florida, maintaining regulated temperatures for discharge water can be a challenge during the summer. Read more

When Hurricane Rita Hit, Aggreko Cooling Tower Services Provided an Emergency Solution. When a major chemicals facility along the Texas Gulf Coast lost two permanent cooling towers to Hurricane Rita, they needed a large-scale temporary solution to keep operating while permanent systems were rebuilt. Read More

Cooling Towers from Aggreko Substitute for Storm Damaged Plant. A fierce tornado damaged one of six critical cooling towers at an Oklahoma power station. The loss of the 115,000 GPM tower was severely limiting power generation. Read more

Industry Resources: Cooling Tower Resource Guide

We have developed a helpful guide for Cooling Tower enthusiast.

Cooling Tower Images: See Aggreko's Cooling Towers in Action!

Photos of our Cooling Towers all over the world.

Cooling Technology Institute Information

All Aggreko Cooling Towers are CTI Certified!

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